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Middleware for efficient and QoS/Security-aware invocation of services and exchange of messages

Middleware for efficient and QoS/Security-aware invocation of services and exchange of messages

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The goal of the KIARA project is to provide a "Middleware for efficient and QoS/Security-aware invocation of services and exchange of messages" for the FI-PPP program and beyond. KIARA builds on top of a well-established, proven, and high-performance (RTI-DDS) and combines it with innovative research results to provide an advanced middleware layer that targets the specific requirements of the Future Internet.

KIARA improves on the state-of-the art in multiple ways:

  • KIARA provides radical improvements in performance and scalability not only for traditional Web services, but also for distributed applications in general - ranging from tiny devices in the Internet of Things to high-performance computing applications.
  • KIARA improves developer productivity and greatly simplifies application integration using a simple-to-use IDL for specifying the communication contract between peers as well as a novel API that allows applications to communicate in terms of their own data structures.
  • KIARA dynamically and transparently selects the optimal communication mechanisms, protocols, and data representations to be used between two peers, including the traditional SOAP/REST protocols but also optimized binary formats and mechanisms like pointer forwarding, shared memory, and the use of specialized network infrastructures. An embedded compiler dynamically at run-time generates highly optimized code that transfers messages directly from application data structures to the network.
  • KIARA uses simple, high-level specifications of QoS and security requirements from the application for automatically selecting the best communication strategy, thus clearly separating the high-level concerns of the application/developer from the concrete and varying technical details, such as the available network and other capabilities and resources.
  • KIARA, for the first time, uses a "Secure By Design" approach for the communication architecture, thus trying to eliminate network connections as the dominant source of security threats.

This combination of a well-proven, existing middleware product with unique features based on latest research results forms an ideal basis for efficient and QoS/security-aware communication within FI-Ware, the FI-PPP program, and for general distributed applications.


Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Saarland University / Center for IT Security, Privacy, and Accountability (USAAR-CISPA), Proyectos y Sistemas de Mantenimiento SL (EPROS)


EU - European Union

EU - European Union

Publications about the project

Andreas Nonnengart; Dmitri Rubinstein; Philipp Slusallek; Werner Stephan

In: Peter Schartner; Kerstin Lemke-Rust; Markus Ullmann (Hrsg.). D A CH Security 2015. IT Security & IT Management, September 8-9, St. Augustin / Bonn, Germany, syssec, 2015.

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