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MerdROV is sponsored by the Norwegian ministry of research and is conducted in by ARGUS Remotesystens (NO), Sintef (NO), NTNU (NO), Leroy Hydrotech (NO) und DFKI RIC (DE). The goal of MerdROV is the usage of ROV technologies for inspection and cleaning for the nets of fish-farms. The tasks of the DFKI RIC within MerdROV is the evaluation of methods fot localisation of ROVs while driving along the nets. Different methods, optical and acoustical, will be evaluated by experiments within the DFKI RIC test-tanks and on real-life data from ROVs being deployed in Norway. The primary systems used by DFKI RIC are DAGON and the 3D portalcrane in the DFKI underwater testbed.


ARGUS Remotesystems (NO), SINTEF (NO), NTNU (NO), Leroy Hydrotech (NO)


Norwegisches Forschungsministerium

Publications about the project

Alexander Duda; Jakob Schwendner; Annette Stahl; Per Rundtop

In: MTS/IEEE Conference 2015. OCEANS MTS/IEEE Conference (OCEANS), May 18-21, Genova, Pages 1-6, ISBN 10.1109/OCEANS-Genova.2015.7271392, IEEE, 5/2015.

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