Sharing of augmented, personal memories

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Sharing of augmented, personal memories created from observations of users acting in instrumented and virtual environments.

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Publications about the project

In: IEEE Pervasive Computing 8 4 Pages 58-65 IEEE Computer Society 10/2009.

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Alain Mille,

In: Patrick Olivier , , , (editor). Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Digital Object Memories. Workshop on Digital Object Memories (DOME-09) located at Intelligent Environments 2009 July 19-19 Barcelona Spain Pages 45-50 Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (AISE) 4 IOS Press Amsterdam 7/2009.

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In: Judy Kay , Bob Kummerfeld (editor). Proceedings of the Lifelong User Modelling Workshop. Lifelong User Modelling Workshop (LLUM-09) located at User Modeling Adaptation, and Personalization 2009 June 26 Trento Italy Pages 43-45 6/2009.

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