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Building, Exploiting, and Sharing Personal Digital Memories in SPECTER and SharedLife

Alexander Kröner
In: Judy Kay; Bob Kummerfeld (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Lifelong User Modelling Workshop. Lifelong User Modelling Workshop (LLUM-09), located at User Modeling Adaptation, and Personalization 2009, June 26, Trento, Italy, Pages 43-45, 6/2009.


Intelligent environments allow for creating dense records of user actions, which can be exploited for immediate user support as well as for creating user models, which adapt over time to user behavior. In this article, previous work concerning the building, exploitation, and sharing of a so-called personal digital memory, which was conducted in the projects SPECTER and SharedLife, is summarized with a special focus on its potential for life long user modeling.