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An Architecture for Prototyping and Application Development of Visual Tracking Systems

Mario Becker; Gabriele Bleser-Taetz; Alain Pagani; Didier Stricker; Harald Wuest
In: 2007 3DTV Conference. 3DTV Conference (3DTV-2007), May 7-9, Kos Island, Greece, IEEE, 11/2007.


In this paper we introduce a novel architecture for rapid development and assessment of advanced 3D visual tracking systems. Indeed, we notice that it does not exist up to now a universal tracking approach that fulfills the requirements of all possible application scenarios at the same time. On contrary, very specific and performing solutions can be developed for given situations and uses. Therefore, software for visual tracking must be designed as a highly flexible system that can be quickly re-configured in order to enable the development of optimised solutions in terms of accuracy, robustness, frame rate and delay. To this purpose we designed an architecture that offers many functionalitys, which can be combined together, and thus build a new processing chain. The overall system offers numerous advantages, such as interactive programming, real-time access to the data and parameter at runtime.