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Advanced Exact Synthesis of Clifford+T Circuits

Philipp Niemann; Robert Wille; Rolf Drechsler
In: Quantum Information Processing, Springer, 2020.


Quantum systems provide a new way of conducting computations based on the so-called qubits. Due to the potential for significant speed-ups, this field received significant research attention in recent years. The Clifford+T library is a very promising and popular gate library for these kinds of computations. Unlike other libraries considered so far, it consists of only a small number of gates for all of which robust, fault-tolerant realizations are known for many technologies that seem to be promising for large-scale quantum computing. As a consequence, (logic) synthesis of Clifford+T quantum circuits became an important research problem. However, previous work in this area has several drawbacks: Corresponding approaches are either only applicable to very small quantum systems or lead to circuits that are far from being optimal. The latter is mainly caused by the fact that current synthesis realizes the desired circuit by a local, i.e., column-wise, consideration of the underlying unitary transformation matrix to be synthesized. In this paper, we analyze the conceptual drawbacks of this approach and propose to overcome them by taking a global view of the matrices and perform a separation of concerns regarding individual synthesis steps. We precisely describe a corresponding algorithm as well as its efficient implementation on top of decision diagrams. Experimental results confirm the resulting benefits and show improvements of up to several orders of magnitudes in costs compared to previous work.