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On the localization of artificial submarine groundwater discharge sites using a low-cost multi-sensor-platform

Christoph Tholen; Robin Rofallski; Lars Nolle; Tarek Elmihoub; Iain Parnum; Oliver Zielinski
In: Global Oceans 2020: Singapore - U.S. Gulf Coast. OCEANS MTS/IEEE Conference (OCEANS-2020), October 5-14, Virtual, ISBN 978-1-7281-5446-6 (electronic), 978-1-7281-8409-8 (print), IEEE Xplore, 10/2020.


In this paper, a low-cost, multi-sensor platform designed to investigate the spatial distribution of water quality properties is presented. The platform is based on an off-the-shelf underwater vehicle and various environmental sensors. Its intended application is the detection and mapping of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD), but it could be used for other related applications. In this study, an artificial submarine groundwater discharge (ASGD) was used to test the platform. Before the ASGD was installed, the study area was thoroughly surveyed using the platform developed to establish a baseline. After installation of the ASGD, the area was again thoroughly surveyed with the platform. The spatial and temporal variation in the data collected was used to evaluate the platform and sensors performances, and the usefulness of the different environmental parameters in mapping SGD. Although the experiments performed showed an influence of the ASGD on the measurements, this influence was smaller than expected. Different possible causes for this are discussed.

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