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Live Testing of Flexibilities on Distribution Grid Level – Simulation Setup and Lessons Learned

Fabian Erlemeyer; Christian Rehtanz; Annegret Hermanns; Bengt Lüers; Marvin Nebel-Wenner; Reef Janes Eilers
In: IEEE Electric Power and Energy Conference. IEEE Electric Power and Energy Conference (EPEC-2021), October 22-31, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, IEEE Xplore, 10/2021.


In the DESIGNETZ project real flexibility units were connected to a distribution grid simulation to investigate the integration of decentralized flexibilities for different use-cases. The simulation determines the demand for unit flexibility and communicates the demand to the flexibilities. In return, the response of the flexibilities is integrated back into the simulation to consider not-simulated effects, too. This paper presents the simulation setup and discusses lessons learnt from deploying the simulation into operation.