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A Modular Design Concept for Shaping Future Wireless TSN Solutions

Christoph Fischer; Dennis Krummacker; Michael Karrenbauer; Hans Dieter Schotten
In: Information, Vol. 12, Pages 1-12, MDPI, 2021.


The use of wireless communication systems in industrial environments is gaining1international importance. The requirements, which are placed thereby on the communication systems,2are very manifold, depending on the specific use case. In the field of industrial manufacturing,3however, many applications are characterized by high reliability requirements and hard real-time4demands. The latter requires a time-deterministic handling of processed transmissions and therefore5requires the use of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) solutions. In this paper we briefly describe6which functionalities characterize a wireless TSN system and which approaches have already been7pursued in literature and standardization. Subsequently, we present a concept for a toolbox that8allows to combine the required functionalities into a working solution, which can be used as guideline9for a software-base implementation. Additionally, since reliability of transmissions is one of the key10challenges, especially in wireless communication, to achieve a performance comparable to wired11systems, we provide some further design considerations to improve this part.

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