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Integrated Shallow and Deep Parsing: TopP meets HPSG

Anette Frank; Markus Becker; Berthold Crysmann; Bernd Kiefer; Ulrich Schäfer
In: Proceedings of ACL-2003. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Sapporo, Japan, Pages 104-111, 2003.


We present a novel, data-driven method for integrated shallow and deep parsing. Mediated by an XML-based multi-layer annotation architecture, we interleave a robust, but accurate stochastic topological field parser of German with a constraintbased HPSG parser. Our annotation-based method for dovetailing shallow and deep phrasal constraints is highly flexible, allowing targeted and fine-grained guidance of constraint-based parsing. We conduct systematic experiments that demonstrate substantial performance gains.