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Radio Resource Sharing in 6G Private Networks: Trustworthy Spectrum Allocation for Coexistence through DLT as Core Function

Dennis Krummacker; Benedikt Veith; Daniel Lindenschmitt; Hans Dieter Schotten
In: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on 6G Networking. International Conference on 6G Networking (6GNet-2022), July 6-8, Paris, France, IEEE Xplore, 2022.


The introduction of local, area-restricted, so-called Private Spectrum, first in 5G, enabled new usage scenarios previously not possible. At the same time though, it also raises new conflict potential because with that, in principle multiple operators occupy the same frequency range. While this is no problem in first consequence, as they usually operate spatially separated, it becomes problematic in certain scenarios, which are Nomadic Networks. Such are full-fledged mobile infrastructures on a mobile basis, designed to be used on demand on different locations. When such a network moves into the coverage of a stationary infrastructure, it might require using spectrum licensed by the stationary network. To enable this, we developed a concept to introduce two new functions to the core for managing the coexistent shared spectrum access while also handling this whole procedure in a trustworthy manner, particularly in respect of regulation authorities; to track and verify the co-existent spectrum utilization. To create this trust, involved data, like the interaction between the two networks and operation conditions are logged using Distributed Ledger Technology. Also discussed are required modifications to the state-of-the-art for including our solution and possible solution strategies for involved obstacles are presented.