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Research Questions in the Acceptance of Cybersecurity by SMEs in the EU

Merijn van Tooren; Daniel Reti; Daniel Schneider; Cédric Bassem; Raúl Santos de la Cámara; Hans Dieter Schotten
In: Mario Trapp; Erwin Schoitsch; Jérémie Guiochet; Friedemann Bitsch (Hrsg.). Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security. SAFECOMP 2022 Workshops. International Workshop on Underpinnings for Safe Distributed AI (USDAI-2022), located at SAFECOMP, September 6-9, Garching b. München, Germany, Pages 247-255, ISBN 978-3-031-14862-0, Springer International Publishing, 2022.


Cybersecurity is a very challenging field that asks for a multitude of solutions to an even larger spread of threats and issues. Charting all the risks one is facing, and deciding what to do about each of them, is a task worthy of hiring one or several dedicated experts. It is difficult for large companies to organise, and essentially impossible for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Throughout the SCRATCh project research, these matters became quite visible. Based on the project findings, this paper discusses these problems and their nature, and establishes the need for a novel holistic solution to be found.