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Towards Intention Recognition for Robotic Assistants Through Online POMDP Planning

Juan Carlos Saborio; Joachim Hertzberg
In: The ICAPS 2023 Workshop on Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition. International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS-2023), July 9-10, Prag, Czech Republic, AAAI Press, 2023.


Intention recognition, or the ability to anticipate the actions of another agent, plays a vital role in the design and development of automated assistants that can support humans in their daily tasks. In particular, industrial settings pose interesting challenges that include potential distractions for a decision-maker as well as noisy or incomplete observations. In such a setting, a robotic assistant tasked with helping and supporting a human worker must interleave information gathering actions with proactive tasks of its own, an approach that has been referred to as active goal recognition. In this paper we describe a partially observable model for online intention recognition, show some preliminary experimental results and discuss some of the challenges present in this family of problems.