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The Road to Trustworthy 6G: A Survey on Trust Anchor Technologies

Benedikt Veith; Dennis Krummacker; Hans D Schotten
In: IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society (OJCOMS), Vol. 4, Pages 581-595, IEEE, 2023.


While 5G networks are driving a growing number of use cases in the fields of iot and industrial applications, the vision of the next generation of mobile communications systems already includes concepts massively transforming the way people will interact with the digital world through the network, as humans are shifting into the center of diverse network driven applications. Envisaged use cases and possibilities to provide services and resources in a distributed manner render an architectural solution for trust establishment a critical component of 6G networks. This survey provides an overview of terms and visions related to the topic of trust in general and in mobile communications systems. Requirements for an end-to-end trust building framework are derived, in order to give a starting point for the design process of a trust anchor service as a component of 6G networks.