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Modeling and Using Complex IoT Time Series Data in Case-Based Reasoning: From Application Scenarios to Implementations

Lukas Malburg; Alexander Schultheis; Ralph Bergmann
In: Lukas Malburg; Deepika Verma (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Workshops at the 31st International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR-WS 2023). International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR-2023), co-located with the 31st International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2023), July 17, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, Pages 81-96, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 3438,, 2023.


The research area of Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining more relevance for several domains and application areas, including Case-Based Reasoning (CBR). However, IoT data is characterized by high volumes and variance of data types, making the application of CBR methods difficult. Since only few works have been published in this area so far, the integration and consideration of complex IoT data such as time series data in CBR frameworks is still in its infancy. To catch up with the current state-of-the-art, we present a comprehensive literature review on Temporal Case-Based Reasoning and time series data in CBR as part of our contribution. Furthermore, we present typical application scenarios for using IoT time series data in practice that can be addressed in further research. To build suitable CBR implementations for that purpose, we define a procedure model that can be used for time series data in CBR. In this context, we address the implementation of the application scenarios in the ProCAKE CBR framework.

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