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A Context Management Architecture for Decoupled Acquisition and Distribution of Information in Next-Generation Mobile Networks

Franc Pouhela; Dennis Krummacker; Hans D. Schotten
In: Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE (VDE ITG) (Hrsg.). ITG-Fb. 311: Mobilkommunikation - Technologien und Anwendungen. VDE/ITG Fachtagung Mobilkommunikation (MKT), 27. ITG-Fachtagung, May 10-11, Osnabrück, Germany, Pages 1-6, VDE Verlag, Germany, 5/2023.


The increasing demand for context awareness in an in-terconnected world necessitates an efficient Context-Management(CoMa) system to enable a wide range of services and applicationsin current and next-generation mobile networks such as 5G and6G. This paper presents a context management architecture thatenables the acquisition, processing, and distribution of contextualinformation to consumers. The architecture leverages a broker andpublish/subscribe messaging model to ensure decoupling betweenproviders and consumers, addressing the network providers’ need for context awareness in their networks.