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Learning Local Patch Orientation with a Cascade of Sparse Regressors

Alain Pagani; Didier Stricker
In: British Machine Vision Conference. British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC-09), September 7-10, London, United Kingdom, 2009.


We present a new method for infering the local 3D orientation of keypoints from their appearance. The method is based on the idea that the relation between keypoint appearance and pose can be learnt efficiently with an adequate regressor. Using one reference view of a keypoint, it is possible to train a keypoint-specific regressor that takes the point appearance as input and delivers the local perspective transformation as output. We show that an elegant choice of regressor is a set of sparse regressors applied sequentially in a cascade. In our case, we use a set of parametrized multivariate relevance vector machines (MVRVM) to learn the local 8-dimensional homography from the patch normalized pixel values. We show that using a cascade of regressors, ranging from coarse pose approximation to fine rectifications, considerably speeds up the identification and pose estimation process. Moreover, we show that our method improves the precision of classical points detectors, as the location of the point is rectified together with the homography. The resulting system is able to recover the orientation of patches in real time.