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Digital Product Memories and Product Life Cycle

Boris Brandherm; Alexander Kröner
In: Proceedings 2011 Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Environments. International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE-11), July 25-28, Nottingham, United Kingdom, Pages 374-377, ISBN 978-0-7695-4452-6, IEEE Computer Society, 7/2011.


In this paper we describe a demonstration as it was presented to a wide audience at the Hannover Messe Industrie 2010. The demonstration shows a future production scenario spanning several linked stages ranging from individual ordering over assembly, filling, and shipping to individual support and comprises in total 5 demonstrators from 5 partners. Visitors could order and configure their own product and how to ship. Products which were produced in this scenario were equipped with a so-called digital product memory. Via this digital product memory data is collected along the product life cycle from individual ordering, assembling, filling to shipping. At home the user could browse the digital product memory and benefit from individual services which build up on the digital product memory.