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Workflows for the Management of Change in Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics

Serge Autexier; Catalin David; Dominik Dietrich; Michael Kohlhase; Vyacheslav Zholudev
In: James H. Davenport; William Farmer; Florian Rabe; Joseph Urban (Hrsg.). Proceedings of Calculemus/MKM 2011. Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM-11), 10th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management , located at Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, July 18-23, Bertonori, Italy, Pages 164-179, LNAI, No. 6824, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 7/2011.


Mathematical knowledge is a central component in science, engineering, and technology (documentation). Most of it is represented informally, and - in contrast to published research mathematics - subject to continual change. Unfortunately, machine support for change management has either been very coarse grained and thus barely useful, or restricted to formal languages, where automation is possible. In this paper, we report on an effort to extend change management to collections of semi-formal documents which flexibly intermix mathematical formulas and natural language and to integrate it into a semantic publishing system for mathematical knowledge. We validate the long-standing assumption that the semantic annotations in these flexiformal documents that drive the machine-supported interaction with documents can support semantic impact analyses at the same time. But in contrast to the fully formal setting, where adaptations of impacted documents can be automated to some degree, the flexiformal setting requires much more user interaction and thus a much tighter integration into document management workflows.


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