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The Window Tool Kit

Andreas Becker
DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 90-06, 1990.


The window toolkit presented in this document realizes a uniform graphical interface for Apple Macintosh and X Windows systems using Common Lisp. Two implementations exist: The Allegro Window Toolkit runs on Macintosh using Allegro Common Lisp. The X Window Toolkit is based on Common Lisp and the Common Lisp-X Windows interface CLX. As far as graphic is concerned, Common Lisp programs relying on this toolkit are compatible w.r.t. X Windows systems and Macintosh and may be exchanged freely. The Window Toolkit includes functions for the generation, management and handling of graphical objects, e. g. windows, menus, bitmaps. Output of text using several fonts and drawing of primitive geometric entities, e.g. circles and lines, is also supported.