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Semantics-based Question Generation and Implementation

Xuchen Yao; Gosse Bouma; Yi Zhang
In: Dialogue and Discourse, Vol. 3, No. 2, Pages 11-42, D&, 2012.


This paper presents a question generation system based on the approach of semantic rewriting. The state-of-the-art deep linguistic parsing and generation tools are employed to convert (back and forth) between the natural language sentences and their meaning representations in the form of Minimal Recursion Semantics (MRS). By carefully operating on the semantic structures, we show a principled way of generating questions without ad-hoc manipulation of the syntactic structures. Based on the (partial) understanding of the sentence meaning, the system generates questions which are semantically grounded and purposeful. And with the support of deep linguistic grammars, the grammaticality of the generation results is warranted. Further, with a specialized ranking model, the linguistic realizations from the general purpose generation model are further refined for our the question generation task. The evaluation results from QGSTEC2010 show promising prospects of the proposed approach.


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