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Towards Increasing Test Compaction Abilities of SAT-based ATPG through Fault Detection Constraints

Stephan Eggersglüß; Melanie Diepenbeck; Robert Wille; Rolf Drechsler
In: Proceedings. IEEE Workshop on RTL and High Level Testing (WRTLT-12), IEEE, 2012.


Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) based on Boolean Satisfiability (SAT) is a robust alternative to classical structural ATPG. Due to the powerful reasoning engines of modern SAT solvers, SAT-based algorithms typically provide a high test coverage because of the ability to reliably classify hardto- detect faults. However, a weak point of SAT-based ATPG is the test compaction ability. In this paper, we propose a new methodology which combines the classical SAT-based ATPG formulation with additional fault detection constraints resulting in a pseudo- Boolean optimization problem. This leads to an increasing test compaction ability of SAT-based ATPG. Experiments show that the resulting test set generated by pure SAT-based ATPG without any test compaction techniques can significantly be decreased by up to 49%.