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SHIP-Tool Live: Orchestrating the Activities in the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab (Demo)

Serge Autexier; Dieter Hutter; Christian Mandel; Christoph Stahl
In: Juan Carlos Augusto; Reiner Wichert (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence. International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence (Aml-2013), December 3-5, Dublin, Ireland, Springer-Verlag, CCIS, 12/2013.


Developing ambient intelligence for a smart home living lab is a complex task. We present the SHIP-tool to define ambient intelligence processes on an adequate level of abstraction. Based on the representation of the environment in a formal logical description, communication from and to the environment is via updates of the logical description. Processes are build from basic actions to update the current logical descriptions and includes means to monitor the evolution of the environment in a temporal logic formalism. The SHIP-tool implements the process language and serves both for simulation and execution of sample ambient intelligent services in real smart home living labs also presented in the paper. Two showcases have been realized: a night surveillance service and a transportation assistance. The demonstration will consist of two parts: in the first we show how both showcases can be simulated in the 3D virtual reality model. In the second part we will remotely control the real smart home living lab and demonstrate both showcases by displaying the live-videos from the webcams installed in the living lab.