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A Framework for Prototyping and Evaluation of Sensor-based Mobile Interaction with Stereoscopic 3D

Florian Daiber; Andrey Krekhov; Marco Speicher; Jens Krüger; Antonio Krüger
In: ACM ITS Workshop on Interactive Surfaces for Interaction with Stereoscopic 3D (ISIS3D). Workshop on Interactive Surfaces for Interaction with Stereoscopic 3D (ISIS3D-13), located at ITS 2013, October 6-9, St. Andrews, United Kingdom, Pages 13-16, online, 2013.


In the last years 3D is getting more and more popular. Besides the production of an increasing number of movies for 3D stereoscopic cinemas and television, serious steps have also been undertaken in the field of 3D gaming. While the devices are market ready, few solutions for natural interaction with such devices exist. Recent smartphones have powerful processors that allow complex tasks like image processing and are equipped with various sensors that allow additional input modalities far beyond joystick, mouse, keyboard and other traditional input methods. In this paper we propose an approach for sensor-based interaction with stereoscopic displayed 3D data. In our framework various input devices can be seamlessly added for 3D user interfaces and used for rapid design and evaluation of 3D input techniques. As proof-of-concept we show the integration of sensor-based mobile devices for various 3D tasks.