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  1. Alexander Schultheis; Lukas Malburg; Joscha Grüger; Justin Weich; Yannis Bertrand; Ralph Bergmann; Estefanía Serral Asensio

    Identifying Missing Sensor Values in IoT Time Series Data: A Weight-Based Extension of Similarity Measures for Smart Manufacturing

    In: Juan A. Recio-Garcia; Mauricio G. Orozco-del-Castillo; Derek Bridge (Hrsg.). Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development - 32nd International …

  2. Declarative Guideline Conformance Checking of Clinical Treatments: A Case Study

    In: Cristina Cabanillas; Niels Frederik Garmann-Johnsen; Agnes Koschmider (Hrsg.). Business Process Management Workshops. Business Process Management …

  3. Juergen Mangler; Joscha Grüger; Lukas Malburg; Matthias Ehrendorfer; Yannis Bertrand; Janik-Vasily Benzin; Stefanie Rinderle-Ma; Estefania Serral Asensio; Ralph Bergmann

    DataStream XES Extension: Embedding IoT Sensor Data into Extensible Event Stream Logs

    In: Future Internet (MDPI), Vol. 15, No. 3, Pages XX-XX, MDPI, 2023.

  4. SAMPLE: A semantic approach for multi-perspective event log generation

    In: Marco Montali; Arik Senderovich; Matthias Weidlich (Hrsg.). Process Mining Workshops. International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM-2022), …

  5. DALG: The Data Aware Event Log Generator

    In: BPM 2023 Best Dissertation Award, Doctoral Consortium, and Demonstration & Resources Forum. BPM Demo Track (BPMTracks-2023), Ceur-WS, 2023.

  6. Reconstructing invisible deviating events: A conformance checking approach for recurring events

    In: Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering (MBE), Vol. 19, No. 11 - Special Issue: Computational Methods for Process Mining in Healthcare, Pages …

  7. Joscha Grüger; Tobias Geyer; Ralph Bergmann; Stephan Alexander Braun

    CGK4PM: Towards a Methodology for the Systematic Generation of Clinical Guideline Process Models and the Utilization of Conformance Checking

    In: José Manuel Ferreira Machado (Hrsg.). BioMedInformatics, Vol. 2, Pages 359-374, MDPI, 2022.

  8. Verifying Guideline Compliance in Clinical Treatment Using Multi-perspective Conformance Checking: A Case Study

    In: Jorge Munoz-Gama; Xixi Lu (Hrsg.). Process Mining Workshops. ICPM 2021. International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM-2021), Vol. 433, …

  9. Joscha Grüger; Lukas Malburg; Jürgen Mangler; Yannis Bertrand; Stefanie Rinderle-Ma; Ralph Bergmann; Estefanía Serral Asensio

    SensorStream: An XES Extension for Enriching Event Logs with IoT-Sensor Data

    In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR), Vol. abs/2206.11392, Pages 1-21, arXiv, 2022.