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  1. Aljosha Köcher; Alexander Belyaev; Jesko Hermann; Jürgen Bock; Kristof Meixner; Magnus Volkmann; Michael Winter; Patrick Zimmermann; Stephan Grimm; Christian Diedrich

    A reference model for common understanding of capabilities and skills in manufacturing

    In: at Automatisierungstechnik, Vol. 71, No. 2, Pages 94-104, DeGruyter, 2023.

  2. Exploiting Social Media Content for Self-Supervised Style Transfer

    In: Proceedings of the Tenth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media. International Workshop on Natural Language …

  3. Niyati Bafna; Josef van Genabith; Cristina España-Bonet; Zdenvek Zabokrtský

    Combining Noisy Semantic Signals with Orthographic Cues: Cognate Induction for the Indic Dialect Continuum

    In: Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL 2022). Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning …

  4. Adapters for the Resource Efficient Deployment of Natural Language Understanding Models

    In: Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation: Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung 2023. Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung (ESSV-2023), ESSV, 2023.

  5. Jan Nehring; Akhyar Ahmed; Lena A. Jäger

    Module Selection: A new Task for Dialog Systems

    In: The 13th International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology. International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology (IWSDS-2023), …

  6. Sascha Arnold; Bilal Wehbe

    Spatial Acoustic Projection for 3D Imaging Sonar Reconstruction

    In: 2022 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) (Hrsg.). 2022 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). …

  7. Hampton Roads OCEANS 2022 (Hrsg.)

    Oceans 2022, Hampton Roads

    OCEANS MTS/IEEE Conference (OCEANS-2022), IEEE, 2022.

  8. Tim Polzehl; Vera Schmitt; Nils Feldhus; Joachim Meyer; Sebastian Möller

    Fighting Disinformation: Overview of Recent AI-Based Collaborative Human-Computer Interaction for Intelligent Decision Support Systems

    In: Proceedings of the 18th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications - HUCAPP,. …

  9. Timo Kepp; Julia Andresen; Claus von der Burchard; Johann Roider; Gereon Hüttmann; Heinz Handels

    Shape-based Segmentation of Retinal Layers and Fluids in OCT Image Data

    In: Computer Aided Diagnosis. SPIE Medical Imaging (SPIE-2023), February 19-23, San Diego, Kalifornien, USA, SPIE, 2023.

  10. Stefan Leachu; Jokim Janßen; Natalie Gdanitz; Merlit Kirchhöfer; Sabine Janzen; Volker Stich

    Cascading Scenario Technique Enabling Automated And Situation- based Crisis Management

    In: Proceedings of the Conference on Production Systems and Logistics. Conference on Production Systems and Logistics (CPSL-2023), February 28 - March …