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  1. Gerrit Großmann; Julian Zimmerlin; Michael Backenköhler; Verena Wolf

    Unsupervised relational inference using masked reconstruction

    In: Applied Network Science, Vol. 8, No. 18, Pages 1-21, Springer, 4/2023.

  2. Supervised Wireless Communication: An Analytic Framework for Real-Time Model Inference in the Core Network

    In: Proceedings of the Sixth International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking. International Balkan Conference on Communications and …

  3. Ekta Sood; Lei Shi; Matteo Bortoletto; Yao Wang; Philipp Müller; Andreas Bulling

    Improving Neural Saliency Prediction with a Cognitive Model of Human Visual Attention

    In: Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci). Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society …

  4. Niklas Funk; Paul Otto Müller; Boris Belousov; Anton Savchenko; Rolf Findeisen; Jan Peters

    High-Resolution Pixelwise Contact Area and Normal Force Estimation for the GelSight Mini Visuotactile Sensor Using Neural Networks

    In: Embracing Contacts - Workshop at ICRA 2023. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA-2023), located at ICRA 2023, June 2, …

  5. Yaonan Zhu; Shukrullo Nazirjonov; Bingheng Jiang; Jacinto Colan; Tadayoshi Aoyama; Yasuhisa Hasegawa; Boris Belousov; Kay Hansel; Jan Peters

    Visual Tactile Sensor Based Force Estimation for Position-Force Teleoperation

    In: 2022 IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems (CBS) - Proceedings. IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems …

  6. PhysWM: Physical World Models for Robot Learning

    In: NeSy 2023: 17th International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning. International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning …

  7. Matteo Orsoni; Alexander Pögelt; Nghia Duong-Trung; Mariagrazia Benassi; Milos Kravcik; Martin Grüttmüller

    Recommending Mathematical Tasks Based on Reinforcement Learning and Item Response Theory

    In: Claude Frasson; Phivos Mylonas; Christos Troussas (Hrsg.). Augmented Intelligence and Intelligent Tutoring Systems. International Conference on …

  8. Chandan Kumar Jha; Khushboo Qayyum; Kemal Caglar Coskun; Simranjeet Singh; Muhammad Hassan; Rainer Leupers; Farhad Merchant; Rolf Drechsler

    Automated Formal Verification Methodology for MAGIC Design Style Based In-Memory Computing

    In: 32nd International Workshop on Logic & Synthesis. International Workshop on Logic & Synthesis (IWLS-2023), 32nd, June 5-6, Lausanne, Switzerland, …

  9. Neural Machine Translation Methods for Translating Text to Sign Language Glosses

    In: Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …