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  1. Philipp Beckerle; Risto Kõiva; Elsa Andrea Kirchner; Robin Bekrater-Bodmann; Strahinja Dosen; Oliver Christ; David A. Abbink; Claudio Castellini; Bigna Lenggenhager

    Feel-Good Robotics: Requirements on Touch for Embodiment in Assistive Robotics

    In: Sung-Phil Kim (Hrsg.). Frontiers in Neurorobotics, Vol. 12, Frontiers, 12/2018.

  2. Jameel Malik; Ahmed Elhayek; Sheraz Ahmed; Faisal Shafait; Muhammad Imran Malik; Didier Stricker

    3DAirSig: A Framework for Enabling In-Air Signatures Using a Multi-Modal Depth Sensor

    In: Sensors - Open Access Journal (Sensors), Vol. 18, No. 11, Page 3872, MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland, 11/2018.

  3. Anne Lauscher; Kai Eckert; Lukas Galke; Ansgar Scherp; Syed Tahseen Raza Rizvi; Sheraz Ahmed; Andreas Dengel; Philipp Zumstein; Annette Klein

    Linked Open Citation Database: Enabling Libraries to Contribute to an Open and Interconnected Citation Graph

    In: Joint Conference on Digital Libraries. ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL-2018), June 3-6, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, ACM Digital …

  4. Global-Local Feature Fusion for Image Classification of Flood Affected Roads from Social Multimedia

    In: Working Notes Proceedings of the MediaEval 2018. MediaEval Benchmark (MediaEval), MediaEval, 2018.

  5. Tim G. J. Rudner; Marc Rußwurm; Jakub Fil; Ramona Pelich; Benjamin Bischke; Veronika Kopacková; Piotr Bilinski

    Rapid Computer Vision-Aided Disaster Response via Fusion of Multiresolution, Multisensor, and Multitemporal Satellite Imagery

    In: First workshop on AI for Social Good. Workshop on AI for Social Good, located at NeurIPS2018, December 8, Montreal, Canada, Curran Associates, …

  6. Seyyed Saleh Mozaffari Chanijani; Federico Raue; Saeid Dashti Hassanzadeh; Stefan Agne; Syed Saqib Bukhari; Andreas Dengel

    Reading Type Classification based on Generative Models and Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory

    In: User Interfaces for Spatial and Temporal Data Analysis (UISTDA). IUI Workshop on Interactive Machine Learning (IUI-2018), CEUR-WS, 2018.

  7. Kareem Amin; George Lancaster; Stelios Kapetanakis; Klaus-Dieter Althoff; Andreas Dengel; Miltos Petridis

    Case-based Reasoning in Natural Language Processing: Word2vec VS fastText

    In: Proceedings of the 23rd UK Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning. UK Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning (UKCBR-2018), located at SGAI International …

  8. Florian Cordes; Frank Kirchner; Ajish Babu

    Design and Field Testing of a Rover with an Actively Articulated Suspension System in a Mars Analog Terrain

    In: Journal of Field Robotics (JFR), Vol. 35, No. 7, Pages 1149-1181, Wiley, 10/2018.

  9. Demóstenes Z. Rodríguez; Gabriel F. Pívaro; Renata L. Rosa; Gabriel Mittag; Sebastian Möller

    Quantifying the Quality Improvement of MIMO Transmission Systems in VoIP Communication

    In: Proceedings of 26th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM). International Conference on …