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  1. Leo Sylvio Rüdian; Niels Pinkwart

    LSTM Cocktail to Generate Merged Strategies for Sequencing

    In: 2023 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT). IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies …

  2. Leo Sylvio Rüdian; Niels Pinkwart

    Performance-Differences in Groups based on Preferences in a Language Learning Online Course

    In: 2023 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT). IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies …

  3. Hae Seon Yun; Heiko Hübert; Abdullah Sardogan; Niels Pinkwart; Verena V Hafner; Rebecca Lazarides

    Humanoid Robot as a Debate Partner

    In: HCI International 2023 Posters. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII), Pages 546-552, ISBN 978-3-031-36004-6, Springer …

  4. Aulia Hening Darmasti; Niels Pinkwart; Raphael Zender

    User Experience Evaluation in Virtual Reality for Autism: A Systematic Literature Review

    In: Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction - Addressing Diversity …

  5. Nathalie Rzepka; Katharina Simbeck; Hans-Georg Mueller; Marlene Bueltemann; Niels Pinkwart

    Show me the numbers! -- Student-facing Interventions in Adaptive Learning Environments for German Spelling

    In: ArXiv e-prints (arxiv), 6/2023.

  6. Ilona Buchem; Rezaul Tutul; André Jakob; Niels Pinkwart

    Non-verbal Sound Detection by Humanoid Educational Robots in Game-Based Learning. Multiple-Talker Tracking in a Buzzer Quiz Game with the Pepper Robot

    In: Richard Balogh; David Obdr¸álek; Eftychios Christoforou. International Conference on Robotics in Education (RiE). Pages 185-196, LNNS, Vol. 747, …

  7. Md Abdul Kadir; Gowthamkrishna Addluri; Daniel Sonntag

    Harmonizing Feature Attributions Across Deep Learning Architectures: Enhancing Interpretability and Consistency

    In: Dietmar Seipel; Alexander Steen. German Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Pages 90-97, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, ISBN …

  8. “HalloBzar”: A German chatbot for accessing the regional digital marketplace

    In: Maike Klein; Daniel Krupka; Cornelia Winter; Volker Wohlgemuth (Hrsg.). INFORMATIK 2023 - Designing Futures: Zukünfte gestalten. GI-Informatiktage …

  9. Oliver Gustke; Stefan Schaffer; Aaron Ruß

    CHIM - Chatbot in the Museum: Exploring and Explaining Museum Objects with Speech-Based AI

    In: Sonja Thiel; Johannes C. Bernhardt. AI in Museums: Reflections, Perspectives and Applications. Pages 257-264, ISBN 9783839467107, transcript …

  10. Christoph Tholen; Mattis Wolf

    On the Development of a Candidate Selection System for Automated Plastic Waste Detection Using Airborne Based Remote Sensing

    In: Max Bramer; Frederic Stahl (Hrsg.). Artificial Intelligence XL. SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2023), Cham, Pages …