Intelligent Networks

Due to the advancing integration of virtual and physical world in both professional and private life - examples include latest developments in areas such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, or Social Media - highly available, reliable, and flexible communications networks gain an increasingly crucial significance. In this context, telecommunications and information technology - among eight other sectors such as transportation, utilities (energy, water), nutrition, and health - are unanimously considered to be the relevant areas forming the so-called critical infrastructureguaranteeing economic growth, public safety, and social balance.

Against this background, the research group Intelligent Networks develops and implements innovative concepts for challenging communications solutions, in particular for deployment in industrial production environments, e.g., cyber-physical production systems (CPPSs). In these settings, modern communications networks have to be equipped with intelligent functionalities (e.g., self-organization) and adequate interfaces to automation-domain systems (e.g., MES) for provisioning autonomous, secure, and reliable, wireless and wired networking between individual devices and production components. The development of cutting-edge cross-layer technologies in the following key areas is a special focus of the research group:

  • reliability and availability,
  • security,
  • Plug & Play and Plug & Trust,
  • self-configuration, self-optimization und self-healing of communications networks,
  • distributed algorithms for autonomous network management,
  • integration of machine-to-machine communications (M2M), and
  • Edge Computing.

In the course of current research projects with academic and industrial partners, the research group integrates developed technologies into system solutions and conducts extensive validation and evaluation activities in numerous application areas, among them

  • modern production systems of Industry 4.0,
  • logistics and transportation,
  • mobile communications,
  • energy-autonomous wireless backhaul networks, and
  • Internet of Things.


Helen Neumann
Phone: +49 631 20575 1016

German Research Center for
Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI)
Intelligent Networks
Trippstadter Str. 122
67663 Kaiserslautern

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