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3SC – Semantic Search for Science Communication

The service, jointly developed by Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (idw) and DFKI since 2019, has been publicly available since January 2022. The system uses the Generalized Semantics Retrieval Engine, GSRE, of the QAIE (Question Answering and Information Extraction) research group of the Multilinguality and Language Technology (MLT) research department. The project was initiated and implemented in cooperation with the corporate communications department of the DFKI in Saarbrücken.

GSRE identifies and evaluates the semantic similarity of documents. The system acts as a discovery tool. It offers idw users the five most semantically similar document candidates for each of the 420,000 press releases published through idw since 1995.

idw has also integrated GSRE into its expert finder. In this application, the system supports journalists searching for thematically suitable scientific experts. The basis for this is the semantic similarity of journalists' queries submitted via this service with corresponding idw press releases.

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft e. V. (idw) was founded in 1995 and is the news portal for news from science and research. It brings science and the public together by publishing the news and events of its more than 1,000 member institutions and sending them to 42,000 subscribers, including 9,000 journalists. idw supports science communication in the D/A/CH region and records 600,000 unique monthly visits.


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Prof. Dr. Günter Neumann, Head of Research Group QAIE
Phone.: +49 681 85775 5298

Reinhard Karger, M.A., Corporate Spokesperson
Phone: +49 681 85775 5253