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Semantische Plattform zur intelligenten Entscheidungs- und Einsatzunterstützung in Leitstellen und Lagezentren

Artificial intelligence in the interconnected control center of the future

The SPELL project represents the idea of a semantic platform for intelligent decision-making and deployment support in...

Regional Future Center for AI and Digital Transformation Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate

RZzKI is developing a holistic approach to implementing digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises. A key focus is on the design and handling of human-centric AI systems. The...

ein agrarwirtschaftliches KI-Ökosystem

The Agri-Gaia project is creating an AI ecosystem for the agricultural and food industry based on Gaia-X. For this purpose, an innovative B2B platform is being realized that provides industry-specific...


Political decisions on measures to contain a pandemic must be made promptly and under great uncertainty. Even though the federal and state governments set the framework, many of the measures must be...

Preliminary study for the realization of a case-oriented decision support system for treatment recommendations of skin cancer.

In the case of advanced skin cancer, treatment decisions are often based on the personal experience of the treating physician due to a lack of evidence. Significant progress can be made here with a...

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