Smart Service Engineering


Life-Long Federated User and Mental Modeling for Health and Well-being

Adaptive and personalized AI systems in healthcare and well-being rely on information about users and usage situations to provide the best possible support. But, in situations of illness, pain, or…

Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Data Centers

Growth of data centers and their capacities is central to economies as digital transformation needs computing power. But processing data and training large AI models generates tons of CO2 and consumes…

QC-Enhanced Service Ecosystem for Simulation in Manufacturing

Quantum computing (QC) is a technology developing rapidly in research, but has also raised initial expectations in industrial applications. The manufacturing industry is one of the central German…

Intelligent Green Mobility in Saarland

In rural areas, mobility is often highly individualized (e.g., private cars), leading to a range of challenges, including increased traffic density, environmental impacts, and limited mobility for the…

Privacy-Aware, intelligent and Resilient Crisis Management

n an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world, crises are inevitable, hard to predict, and pose immense challenges that demand robust, effective and timely management. Over the last decade,…

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Smart Service Engineering
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