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Robots can not only perform complex activities in places where it is dangerous, unreasonable, or unhealthy for humans, but are increasingly being used in collaborative teams to carry out sensitive tasks together with people. Here, computer scientists and designers work in interdisciplinary teams with biologists, mathematicians, computer linguists, industrial designers, electrical engineers, physicists and psychologists. The design of the robots corresponds to the latest findings in mechatronics. The programming is based on complex, massively parallel embedded system solutions.


In the project “KITOS - Artificial Intelligence for TSN for Optimization and Fault Detection” scientists and engineers are working together on...

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Could Jupiter’s moon Europa offer the right conditions for extraterrestrial life? How could the ocean, which is suspected under the sheet of several...

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Physical strains are one of the main reasons for sick leaves and early retirement amongst nursing staff. In order to support workers and give patients...

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HaLeR - Detection of action deviations through learning with limited computing resources

The HaLeR project aims to develop solutions for a flexible and adaptive MMI. The developed methods should allow a system to react and adapt flexibly to human behaviour in case of situation changes....

Exploring the Potential of Pervasive Embedded Brain Reading in Human Robot Collaborations

Förderung von Forschungsvorhaben zur Verbesserung der Explorations- und Integrationsphasen der IKT-Forschung

Multipurpose robotics for mAniPulation of defoRmable materIaLs in manufacturing processes

The APRIL project aims at prototyping low cost and agile market-oriented multipurpose, and easy to repurpose, autonomous dexterous robots; which will manipulate, assemble or process different soft and...

AdaMeKoR project part: Robotic arm assistance system and integrated robotic concepts for patient transfer

The overall objective of AdaMeKoR is the development of an adaptive and multifunctional motorized bed with robotic arm system for use in nursing.

For this purpose, sensor components are developed,...

Mental Health promotion of cobot Workers in Industry 4.0

MindBot aims at identifying methods and implementing solutions for promoting good mental health in the emerging industry 4.0 within the specific context of manufacturing small and medium-sized...

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