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Cooperative Robots for Extreme Environments

Cooperative Robots for Extreme Environments

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The project CoRob-X develops and demonstrates enabling technologies for multi-agent robotic teams. The primary target application is the exploration of planetary surfaces, with a focus on hard-to-reach areas, such as lunar lava tubes. CoRob-X builds on robotic hardware provided by the project consortium and the software building blocks developed within the framework of the SRC Space Robotics Technologies. These building blocks are reused and significantly enhanced to support a multi-agent exploration team of robots.


GMV Aerospace and Defence SA (SP) Space Applications Services NV (BE) Universite de Versailles Saintquentin- en-Yvelines (FR) Magellium SAS (FR) Airbus Defence and Space GmbH (DE) Sintef AS (NO) Fundaction Santa Barbara (SP)


EU - European Union

GA 101004130

EU - European Union
Contact Person
Tom Becker, B.A.

Publications about the project

Raúl Domínguez; Thomas Vögele; Jorge Ocón; Thierry Germa; Shashank Govindaraj; Fredrik Bakkevig Haugli; Eric Törn; Valerie Ciarletti; Carlos Jesús Perez; Alexander Dettmann; Anne-Claire Berthen; Loic Lecabec; Pierpaolo Serio; Fabio Polisano; Frank Kirchner

In: 4th International Planetary Caves Conference. LPI Contributions (IPCC-2023), May 4-7, Haría Municipality in Lanzarote, Spain, Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2023.

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Jonathan Babel; Leon Cedric Danter; Yogeshkarna Govindaraj; Gonzalo Paz Delgado; Raúl Dominguez; Frank Kirchner

In: EASN Conference Proceedings. EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation and Space for opening New Horizons (EASN-2023), 13th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space for opening New Horizons, September 5-8, Salerno, Campania, Italy, IOP Publishing Ltd. Bristol, 2023.

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Wiebke Brinkmann; Leon Cedric Danter; Tobias Stark; Alexander Dettmann; Matteo De Benedetti; Shashank Govindaraj; Irene Sans Nieto; Alexandru But; Francisco Javier Colmenero; Enrique Heredia; Marcedes Alonso

In: Proceedings of the 2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference. IEEE Aerospace Conference, March 5-12, Big Sky, Montana, USA, Pages 1-15, IEEE, 3/2022.

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