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A Closed-loop 3D-LIPM Gait for the RoboCup Standard Platform League Humanoid

Colin Graf; Thomas Röfer
In: Changiu Zhou; Enrico Pagello; Sven Behnke; Emanuele Menegatti; Thomas Röfer; Peter Stone (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots. Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots (Humanoids-10), located at in conjunction with the 2010 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, December 6-8, Nashville, TN, USA, 2010.


The generation of a robust and fast gait for the humanoid robot Nao is still one of the major research topics of the Standard Platform League. In this paper, we present a closed-loop gait, as it was used at the RoboCup competition 2010. We will explain how the inverted pendulum model is used to create trajectories for the center of mass of an omnidirectional gait and how it allows to eliminate the need of the so-called double-support phase by dynamically adjusting the point in time at which the support foot alternates. Furthermore, we will briefly describe our approach for integrating sensor feedback to this model and how to transform the target trajectory of the center of mass into positions for the foot placement.

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