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  1. Christian Alrabbaa; Stefan Borgwardt; Nina Knieriemen; Alisa Kovtunova; Anna Milena Rothermel; Frederik Wiehr

    In the Hand of the Beholder: Comparing Interactive Proof Visualizations

    In: Martin Homola; Vladislav Ryzhikov; Renate A. Schmidt (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 34th International Workshop on Description Logics (DL 2021) part …

  2. Sophie Burkhardt; Jannis Brugger; Nicolas Wagner; Zahra Ahmadi; Kristian Kersting; Stefan Kramer

    Rule Extraction From Binary Neural Networks With Convolutional Rules for Model Validation

    In: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 4, Pages 0-10, Frontiers, 2021.

  3. Plinio Moreno; Alexandre Bernardino; José Santos-Victor; Rodrigo M. M. Ventura; Kristian Kersting

    Editorial: Robots that Learn and Reason: Towards Learning Logic Rules from Noisy Data

    In: Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Vol. 8, Pages 0-10, Frontiers, 2021.

  4. Nandini Ramanan; Gautam Kunapuli; Tushar Khot; Bahare Fatemi; Seyed Mehran Kazemi; David Poole; Kristian Kersting; Sriraam Natarajan

    Structure learning for relational logistic regression: an ensemble approach

    In: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Vol. 35, No. 5, Pages 2089-2111, Springer, 2021.

  5. Julian Schuir; René Brinkhege; Eduard Anton; Thuy Duong Oesterreich; Pascal Meier; Frank Teuteberg

    Augmenting Humans in the Loop: Towards an Augmented Reality Object Labeling Application for Crowdsourcing Communities

    In: F. Ahlemann; R. Schütte; S. Stieglitz (Hrsg.). Innovation Through Information Systems. WI 2021. Lecture Notes in Information Systems and …

  6. Eduard Anton; Thuy Duong Oesterreich; Frank Teuteberg

    Understanding the Operational Value of Big Data Analytics Capabilities for Firm Performance : A Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling Approach

    In: Forty-Second International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Austin, USA, …

  7. Thuy Duong Oesterreich; Eduard Anton; Feipeng Xu

    Augmenting the Future: An Exploratory Analysis of the Main Resources, Use Cases, and Implications of Augmented Analytics

    In: Twenty-Ninth European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), A Virtual AIS Conference, …

  8. Eduard Anton; Thuy Duong Oesterreich; Julian Schuir; Leslie Protz; Frank Teuteberg

    A Business Model Taxonomy for Start-Ups in the Electric Power Industry — The Electrifying Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Business Model Innovation

    In: International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, Vol. 18, No. 03, Page 2150004, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 5/2021.