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  1. Timo Kepp; Jan Ehrhardt; Mattias P. Heinrich; Gereon Hüttmann; Heinz Handels

    Topology-Preserving Shape-Based Regression Of Retinal Layers In Oct Image Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks

    In: 2019 IEEE 16th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2019). IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI-2019), April …

  2. Timo Kepp; Christine Droigk; Malte Casper; Michael Evers; Gereon Hüttmann; Nunciada Salma; Dieter Manstein; Mattias P. Heinrich; Heinz Handels

    Segmentation of mouse skin layers in optical coherence tomography image data using deep convolutional neural networks

    In: Christoph Hitzenberger (Hrsg.). Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 10, No. 7, Pages 3484-3496, OSA, 7/2019.

  3. Niclas Kath; Heinz Handels; Andre Mastmeyer

    Robust GPU-based virtual reality simulation of radio-frequency ablations for various needle geometries and locations

    In: H.U. Lemke; Franziska Schweikert (Hrsg.). International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery (IJCARS), Vol. 14, No. 11, Pages …

  4. Evaluation of Image Processing Methods for Clinical Applications

    In: Heinz Handels; Thomas M. Deserno; Andreas Maier; Klaus Hermann Maier-Hein; Christoph Palm; Thomas Tolxdorff (Hrsg.). Bildverarbeitung für die …

  5. Unsupervised pathology detection in medical images using conditional variational autoencoders

    In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (IJCARS), Vol. 14, No. 3, Pages 451-461, Springer, 2019.

  6. Interpretable explanations of black box classifiers applied on medical images by meaningful perturbations using variational autoencoders

    In: Elsa D. Angelini; Bennett A. Landman (Hrsg.). Medical Imaging 2019: Image Processing. SPIE Medical Imaging, February 16-21, San Diego, CA, USA, …

  7. Hristina Uzunova; Jan Ehrhardt; Fabian Jacob; Alex Frydrychowicz; Heinz Handels

    Multi-scale GANs for Memory-efficient Generation of High Resolution Medical Images

    In: Dinggang Shen; Tianming Liu; Terry M. Peters; Lawrence H. Staib; Caroline Essert; Sean Zhou; Pew-Thian Yap; Ali Khan (Hrsg.). Medical Image …

  8. Milos Kravcik; Ivan Cantador

    UMAP 2019 Workshops & Tutorials Overview and Organization

    In: UMAP'19 Adjunct: Adjunct Publication of the 27th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization. International Conference on User …