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  1. André Antakli; Akbar Kazimov; Daniel Spieldenner; Gloria Elena Jaramillo Rojas; Ingo Zinnikus; Matthias Klusch

    AJAN: An Engineering Framework for Semantic Web-Enabled Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

    In: Philippe Mathieu; Frank Dignum; Paulo Novais; Fernando De la Prieta (Hrsg.). Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, …

  2. Alan Le Goallec; Sasha Collin; M'Hamed Jabri; Samuel Diai; Théo Vincent; Chirag J Patel

    Machine learning approaches to predict age from accelerometer records of physical activity at biobank scale

    In: PLOS Digital Health, Vol. 2, No. 1, Pages e0000176-e0000176, Public Library of Science San Francisco, San Francisco, CA USA, 2023.

  3. Künstliche Intelligenz und Deep-Learning in der Medizin

    In: Ärzteblatt Rheinland-Pfalz, Vol. 05/23, Pages 21-22, Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH, 2023.

  4. Joschka Andreas Hüllmann; Lorena Göritz; Simon Hagen; Jan Heinrich Beinke; Oliver Thomas

    Digital Transformation in Automotive: Drivers of Effective Sales Behaviors During Servitization at a German Car Manufacturer

    In: ECIS2023. European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS-2023), 31st European Conference on Information Systems, located at European Conference …

  5. Saliency Map Verbalization: Comparing Feature Importance Representations from Model-free and Instruction-based Methods

    In: Greg Durrett; Bhavana Dalvi; Jason Wei; Peter Jansen; Danilo Ribeiro; Lionel Wong (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the First Workshop on Natural Language …

  6. Kevin Baum; Joanna Bryson; Frank Dignum; Virginia Dignum; Marko Grobelnik; Holger Hoos; Morten Irgens; Paul Lukowicz; Catelijne Muller; Francesca Rossi; John Shawe-Taylor; Andreas Theodorou; Ricardo Vinuesa

    From Fear to Action: AI Governance and Opportunities for All}

    In: Frontiers in Computer Science, Vol. 5, Pages 0-0, Frontiers Media, 5/2023.

  7. Muhammad Gulzain Ali Khan; Muhammad Ferjad Naeem; Luc Van Gool; Alain Pagani; Didier Stricker; Muhammad Zeshan Afzal

    Learning Attention Propagation for Compositional Zero-Shot Learning

    In: Proceedings of. IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV-2023), IEEE Xplore, 2023.

  8. THOR-Net: End-to-End Graformer-Based Realistic Two Hands and Object Reconstruction With Self-Supervision

    In: Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV). IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision …

  9. MultiTACRED: A Multilingual Version of the TAC Relation Extraction Dataset

    In: Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers). Annual Meeting of the Association …