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  1. Sabine Janzen; Amin Harig; Natalie Gdanitz; Hannah Stein; Nurten Öksüz-Köster; Wolfgang Maaß

    Decoding Resilience: A Graph-based Approach for Organizational Resilience Assessment

    In: Conference Proceedings. International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER-2023),, 11/2023.

  2. Towards Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Data Centers

    In: INFORMATIK 2023. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik (INFORMATIK-2023), 11. Workshop Umweltinformatik zwischen Nachhaltigkeit und Wandel, …

  3. Terahertz-Enpowered Communications and Sensing in 6G Systems: Opportunities and Challenges

    In: IEEE ICCC. IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC-2023), December 8-11, Chengdu, China, IEEE, 12/2023.

  4. CoBaIR: A Python Library for Context-Based Intention Recognition in Human-Robot-Interaction

    In: 2023 32nd IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN). IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human …

  5. DALG: The Data Aware Event Log Generator

    In: BPM 2023 Best Dissertation Award, Doctoral Consortium, and Demonstration & Resources Forum. BPM Demo Track (BPMTracks-2023), Ceur-WS, 2023.

  6. JCAS-Enabled Sensing as a Service in 6th-Generation Mobile Communication Networks

    In: KuVS Fachgespräch - Würzburg Workshop on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Next-Generation Communication Networks 2023 (WueWoWAS'23). KuVS …

  7. A Comprehensive Evaluation Framework for Speaker Anonymization Systems

    In: Proc. 3rd Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication. Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication (SPSC-2023), …

  8. Christiano Couto Gava; Vishal Sharbidar Mukunda; Tewodros Amberbir Habtegebrial; Federico Raue; Sebastian Palacio; Andreas Dengel

    SphereGlue: Learning Keypoint Matching on High Resolution Spherical Images

    In: The IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition …

  9. Analyzing the potential of active learning for document image classification

    In: International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR), Vol. 26, Pages 187-209, Springer Nature, 4/2023.

  10. ColDBin: Cold Diffusion for Document Image Binarization

    In: Document Analysis and Recognition - ICDAR 2023. International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR-2023), located at The 17th …