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Augmented Vision


  1. EU project CORTEX2 launches €3 million call for the joint development and validation of an extended reality platform

    The EU-funded CORTEX2 project is investing €3,000,000 in its first open call to investigate, advance and demonstrate the technical features offered by …

  2. Great Success at the International Conference on Computer Vision Conference, ICCV 2023

    The IEEE/CVF International Conference in Computer Vision (ICCV) is the most important international event on computer vision.


  3. Beyond ChatGPT: How can Europe become a leader in generative AI?

    This question will be answered by an event hosted by the European research network HumanE-AI-Net on May 25, 2023, at the European Parliament in …

  4. EU Sharespace project for radically new XR technology

    How could humans use digital avatars in the near future? How can we engage in social situations that include both human and automated avatars? And …


Monika Miersch
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