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Augmented Vision


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  1. Luminous - Language Augmentation for Humanverse

    LUMINOUS aims at the creation of the next generation of Language Augmented XR systems, where natural language-based communication and Multimodal Large …

  2. BERTHA - BEhavioural Replication of Human drivers for CCAM

    The Horizon Europe project BERTHA kicked off on November 22nd-24th in Valencia, Spain. The project has been granted €7,981,799.50 from the European …

  3. FAIRe - Frugal Artificial Intelligence in Resource-limited environments

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding increasingly diverse applications in the physical world, especially in embedded, cyber-physical devices with …

  4. Revise-UP - Verbesserung der Prozesseffizienz des werkstofflichen Recyclings von Post-Consumer Kunststoff-Verpackungsabfällen durch intelligentes Stoffstrommanagement

    At 3.2 million tonnes per year, post-consumer packaging waste represents the most significant plastic waste stream in Germany. Despite progress to …

  5. KIMBA - KI-basierte Prozesssteuerung und automatisiertes Qualitätsmanagement im Recycling von Bau- und Abbruchabfällen durch sensorbasiertes Inline-Monitoring von Korngrößenverteilungen

    With 587.4 million t/a of aggregates used, the construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive sectors in Germany. By substituting primary …

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