Plan-Based Robot Control


Knowledge-Level Expectations as Priors for Object Interpretation from Sensor Data

"What will I see when I turn this corner?"

Depending on what is around that corner, this question is easy for us to answer. We are likely to see a refrigerator in a kitchen, ships at a port, and a…

Test and Experiment Facilities for the Agri-Food Domain

To foster sustainable and efficient agri-food production, agrifoodTEF gives companies and start-ups the validation tools they need to bridge the gap between prototypes and successful market products. …

Assistance system and field route planning in harvesting operations

Automation and optimization are becoming increasingly important in agricultural processes. In addition to improvements in efficiency, soil protection is gaining attention. The project SOILAssist-3…


In the project Autowerkstatt 4.0 (AW 4.0), a consortium consisting of companies and research institutes is developing a platform for the trustworthy data exchange of industry-specific AI models and…

Reasoning auf landwirtschaftlichen Daten - Integration von Metriken und qualitativen Perspektiven

"Entferne schädliches Unkraut auf dem Feld, aber setze keine chemischen Mittel in der Nähe eines Gewässers ein!"

Bei der Durchführung landwirtschaftlicher Arbeiten müssen solche Regeln beachtet…

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Plan-Based Robot Control
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