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  1. Nicolas Schuler; Maximilian Hoffmann; Hans-Peter Beise; Ralph Bergmann

    Semi-supervised Similarity Learning in Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning

    In: Max Bramer; Frederic Stahl (Hrsg.). Artificial Intelligence XL. SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2023), Cambridge, …

  2. Rajai Alhimdiat; Wesam Ashour; Ramy Battrawy; Didier Stricker

    Accelerating the Run-Time of Convolutional Neural Networks through Weight Pruning and Quantization

    In: International Engineering Conference on Renewable Energy & Sustainability. International Engineering Conference on Renewable Energy & …

  3. EgoFlowNet: Non-Rigid Scene Flow from Point Clouds with Ego-Motion Support

    In: British Machine Vision Conference. British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC-2023), located at The 34th British Machine Vision Conference, November …

  4. I4.0 Holonic Multi-agent Testbed Enabling Shared Production

    In: John Soldatos (Hrsg.). Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Enabling Intelligent, Flexible and Cost-Effective Production Through AI. Chapter …

  5. Norbert Pengel; Hassan Soliman; Alexander Neumann; Milos Kravcik; Yue Yin; Maria Bez; Lisa Stechert; Maike Haag; Anne Martin; Laura Köbis; Julia Zawidzki; Orkhan Jalilov; Roy Meissner; Alexander Pögelt; Thomas Köhler; Heinz-Werner Wollersheim

    Generative KI in der Hochschulbildung: Konzeption und Implementierung eines LLM-gestützten Chatbots

    Jahrestagungen der Gesellschaft für Medien in der Wissenschaft (GMW) und von CampusSource 2023, 11/2023.

  6. Michael Backenköhler; Joschka Groß; Verena Wolf; Andrea Volkamer

    Guided docking as a data generation approach facilitates structure-based machine learning on kinases

    ChemRxiv, Version History, Vol. Dec 22, 2023 Version 1, 12/2023.

  7. Shoko Wakamiya; Lis Kanashiro Pereira; Lisa Raithel; Hui-Syuan Yeh; Peitao Han; Seiji Shimizu; Tomohiro Nishiyama; Gabriel Herman Bernardim Andrade; Noriki Nishida; Hiroki Teranishi; Narumi Tokunaga; Philippe Thomas; Roland Roller; Pierre Zweigenbaum; Yuji Matsumoto; Akiko Aizawa; Sebastian Möller; Cyril Grouin; Thomas Lavergne; Aurélie Névéol; Patrick Paroubek; Shuntaro Yada; Eiji Aramaki

    NTCIR-17 MedNLP-SC Social Media Adverse Drug Event Detection: Subtask Overview

    In: The 17th NTCIR Conference - Evaluation of Information Access Technologies. Conference on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies (NTCIR-17), …

  8. Mariana Neves; Antonio Jimeno Yepes; Aurélie Névéol; Rachel Bawden; Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio; Roland Roller; Philippe Thomas; Federica Vezzani; Maika Vicente Navarro; Lana Yeganova; Dina Wiemann; Cristian Grozea

    Findings of the WMT 2023 Biomedical Translation Shared Task: Evaluation of ChatGPT 3.5 as a Comparison System

    In: WMT23-Eighth Conference on Machine Translation. Conference on Machine Translation (WMT-23), December 6-7, Singapore, Singapore, Pages 43-54, 2023.

  9. Sharlyn ST Ng; Robert Oehring; Nikitha Ramasetti; Roland Roller; Philippe Thomas; Yuxuan Chen; Simon Moosburner; Axel Winter; Max-Magnus Maurer; Timo A Auer; Can Kamali; Johann Pratschke; Christian Benzing; Felix Krenzien

    Concordance of a decision algorithm and multidisciplinary team meetings for patients with liver cancer—a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

    In: Trials, Vol. 24, 577 (2023), No. 1, Pages 1-10, Springer, 9/2023.

  10. Robert Oehring; Nikitha Ramasetti; Sharlyn Ng; Roland Roller; Philippe Thomas; Axel Winter; Max Maurer; Simon Moosburner; Nathanael Raschzok; Can Kamali; Johann Pratschke; Christian Benzing; Felix Krenzien

    Use and accuracy of decision support systems using artificial intelligence for tumor diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    In: Frontiers in Oncology, Vol. 13, Pages 1-14, Frontiers Media SA, 2023.