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  1. Look What I Made It Do - The ModelIT Method for Manually Modeling Nonverbal Behavior of Socially Interactive Agents

    In: Companion Publication of the 25th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction. Generation and Evaluation of Non-verbal Behaviour for …

  2. Jan Christoph Krause; Naeem Iqbal; Mark Niemeyer; Benedikt Thy; Lutz Plagge; Hannes Hollmeier; Arno Ruckelshausen; Sebastian Röttgermann; Alexander Tauber; Jens Herbers; Stefan Menke; Joachim Hertzberg

    AI-TEST-FIELD – A Test Environment for the Automated Evaluation of Methods for Robust and Reliable Environment Perception

    In: LAND.TECHNIK AgEng 2023. International Conference Agricultural Engineering (LAND.TECHNIK-2023), 80th International Conference on Agricultural …

  3. AI-driven Knee Posture Detection in Cycle Training using IMUs

    In: Theresa Züger; Hadi Asghari (Hrsg.). AI Systems for the Public Interest. AI Systems for the Public Interest, located at 46th German Conference on …

  4. Dhruv Aditya Mittal; Hymalai Bello; Bo Zhou; Mayank Shekhar Jha; Sungho Suh; Paul Lukowicz

    Two-Stage Early Prediction Framework of Remaining Useful Life for Lithium-ion Batteries

    In: IECON 2023- 49th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society …

  5. Michael Grohs; Peter Pfeiffer; Jana-Rebecca Rehse

    Business Process Deviation Prediction: Predicting Non-Conforming Process Behavior

    In: 2023 5th International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM). International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM-2023), Pages 113-120, IEEE, 2023.

  6. Vassilios Yfantis; Alexander Babskiy; Bastian Dörig; Thorsten Winterer; Achim Wagner; Martin Ruskowski

    Evolutionary Algorithm-based Optimal Parametrization of Multi-objective Mixed-integer Linear Programming Scheduling Models

    In: IFAC-PapersOnLine, Vol. 56, No. 2, Pages 5382-5387, Elsevier, 2023.