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  1. Mariela De Lucas Alvarez; Jichen Guo; Raúl Domínguez; Matias Valdenegro-Toro (Hrsg.)

    Terrain Classification Enhanced with Uncertainty for Space Exploration Robots from Proprioceptive Data

    LatinX in AI Research Workshop (LXAI-2023), LatinX in AI (LXAI) Research at ICML 2023, located at ICML, July 23-29, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Journal of …

  2. A Service Infrastructure for Industrie 4.0 Testbeds based on Asset Administration Shells

    In: 2023 IEEE 28th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA). IEEE International Conference on Emerging …

  3. FeatEnHancer: Enhancing Hierarchical Features for Object Detection and Beyond Under Low-Light Vision

    In: International Conference on Computer Vision. International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV-2023), October 2-6, Paris, France, IEEE, 10/2023.

  4. Adaptive User-centered Neuro-symbolic Learning for Multimodal Interaction with Autonomous Systems

    In: AI & HCI Workshop at the 40th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). AI&HCI Workshop @ ICML, located at icml, July 29, Honolulu, …

  5. Théo Vincent; Boris Belousov; Carlo D'Eramo; Jan Peters (Hrsg.)

    Iterated Deep Q-Network: Efficient Learning of Bellman Iterations for Deep Reinforcement Learning

    European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning (EWRL-2023), European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning, 2023.

  6. Shangding Gu; Alap Kshirsagar; Yali Du; Guang Chen; Yaodong Yang; Jan Peters; Alois C. Knoll

    A Human-Centered Safe Robot Reinforcement Learning Framework with Interactive Behaviors

    In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR), Vol. abs/2302.13137, Pages 0-10, arXiv, 2023.

  7. Piotr Kicki; Puze Liu; Davide Tateo; Haitham Bou-Ammar; Krzysztof Walas; Piotr Skrzypczynski; Jan Peters

    Fast Kinodynamic Planning on the Constraint Manifold with Deep Neural Networks

    In: IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO), Vol. abs/2301.04330, Pages 0-10, IEEE, 2023.

  8. Carlos E. Luis; Alessandro G. Bottero; Julia Vinogradska; Felix Berkenkamp; Jan Peters

    Model-Based Uncertainty in Value Functions

    In: Francisco J. R. Ruiz; Jennifer G. Dy; Jan-Willem van de Meent (Hrsg.). International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. …

  9. Andreas Look; Barbara Rakitsch; Melih Kandemir; Jan Peters

    Cheap and Deterministic Inference for Deep State-Space Models of Interacting Dynamical Systems

    In: Transactions on Machine Learning Research, Vol. 2023, Pages 0-10, JMLR, 2023.

  10. Dieter Büchler; Roberto Calandra; Jan Peters

    Learning to Control Highly Accelerated Ballistic Movements on Muscular Robots

    In: Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS), Vol. 159, Pages 0-10, Elsevier, 2023.