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Cyber-Physical Systems


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  1. HealthyW8 - Empowering healthy lifestyle behaviour through personalised intervention portfolios to prevent and control obesity during vulnerable stages of life

    Over 30% of EU citizens at vulnerable stages and situations in life are at increased risk to transgress from healthy weight to overweight and further …

  2. SASPIT - A Safe and Secure Sensor Platform for the Internet of Things

    The goals of the SASPIT project are to develop an open IoT sensor platform with end-to-end security guarantees for the correctness, integrity and …

  3. ToCaro - Experiencing together - sharing emotions

    Social interaction is one of the essential factors that determine personal quality of life, which is also shown by the spread of social media. But the …

  4. PaSVer - Powerful design tool for novel automotive electronics

    The automotive industry in Germany is undergoing major changes. Car manufacturers have to combine more and more software and hardware to enable …

  5. REXASI-PRO - REliable & eXplAinable Swarm Intelligence for People with Reduced mObility

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied widely in many domains and there is a need to realize public trust in these systems. Calls are made to …

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Cyber-Physical Systems

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