Cyber-Physical Systems


Combination of Symbolic and Subsymbolic Methods

Deep learning methods are used in many application areas and work very

efficiently after a training phase. However, in general no reliable

statement can be made about their correctness. In contrast,...

PQC Technologien für den Datenschutz in der medizinischen Versorgung in Deutschland

Für eingebettete Systeme mit Anwendungen für kritische Infrastrukturen ist die langfristig verfügbare Informationssicherheit ein zentrales Entwicklungsziel. Die heute zu planende Langlebigkeit von...

A Sound Verification Platform for Early Software Development for RISC-V based Systems

The aim of the VerSys project is to develop a consistent platform for early software development based on RISC-V technology

, an instruction set architecture for microprocessors which has been...

Textile surfaces for electrical supply, information technology communication and intuitive interaction with IoT devices in the Smart Home

The aim of the project is to develop so-called Connecting Textiles. These are to form a safe, robust and electromagnetically environmentally friendly textile-based IoT infrastructure for smart...

Intuitive-nonverbal and informative-verbal robot-human communication

The project aims at investigating how intentions of a robot can be understood by humans through anticipatory path selection in combination with iconic and verbal communication, so that the discomfort...

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Cyber-Physical Systems

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