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Distributed European Linguistic Resource Repository

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RELATOR is a European-wide consortium of researchers who, with the support of the European Commission, are striving to establish a European repository of linguistic resources. Linguistic resources comprise a variety of spoken and written language materials, including lexicons, grammars, corpora, and spoken language databases. RELATOR will be focussing on - but will be by no means limited to - the nine working languages of the European Union. Initially, the RELATOR Consortium will address existing linguistic resources. Over time, it is envisaged that the RELATOR initiative will be expanded to encompass the development of new materials. RELATOR will be positioned as the European counterpart to the US Linguistic Data Consortium, an ARPA-funded initiative which has been addressing the needs of American researchers. RELATOR will ensure that the requirements of the European language processing community receive commensurate attention.


Institute for Computational Linguistics at the University of Pisa, CNRS-LIMSI, The Centre for Cognitive Science (Edinburgh), Danish Center for Language Technology, INESC Lisbon, Institut de la Communication Parlee (Grenoble)


EU - Europäische Union

EU - Europäische Union