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Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) represents a huge economic activity (450 Bn¤ market) spanning across sectors such as energy, transport, civil engineering. EU hosts over 50% of I&M robotics offer but there is a bottleneck connecting it to the market and high potential applications. RIMA is a 4-year project aiming to establish a network of 13 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) on robotics sharing best practices and providing services to facilitate uptake of I&M technologies. Our challenge is to reinforce this connection and to provide education and training on robotics I&M and to connect the value chain - research, technology companies, service providers, end users and investors- for accelerating economic growth in the field: - RIMA is building upon the network pioneered by SPRINT Robotics extending it to all relevant sectors across the value chain. - The RIMA network encompasses: o leading research organizations supporting one DIH per region aligned with regional policies and industry sectors. o Sectorial associations who will make a bridge with end users and industries. - RIMA will offer services including support to testing and technology transfer, coaching and training on robotics for I&M, process optimization and communication. 50.5% of RIMA’s budget will be distributed to SMEs to run experiments using FSTP - RIMA will advise on funding opportunities relying on the S3 Thematic Platform on robotics for I&M federating the common ambition of 13 EU regions. - Network sustainability will be ensured by adapting the SPRINT business model Expected results are (i) increased competitiveness of EU I&M Robotics, (ii) economic added value by increased productivity and availability of the critical infrastructure (iii) social and environmental impact through improved safety and less emission of hazardous substances (iv) the constitution of a sustainable and scalable (open to new members) DIH network aligned with the industrial and European policies and ambitions


  1. Commissariat A L Energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives (Cea), France 2 C.R.E.A.T.E. Consorzio Di Ricerca Per L'energia L Automazione E Le Tecnologie Dell'elettromagnetismo (Create), Italy 3 Sintef As (Sintef), Norway 4 Fundingbox Accelerator Sp Zoo (Fba), Poland 5 Deutsches Forschungszentrum Fur Kunstliche Intelligenz Gmbh (Dfki), Germany 6 Panepistimio Patron (Lms), Greece 7 Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy (Vtt), Finland 8 Teknologisk Institut (Dti), Denmark 9 Universiteit Twente (Ut), Netherlands 10 Stichting Sprint Robotics Collaborative (Sprint), Netherlands 11 Universidad De Sevilla (Use), Spain 12 Technologiko Panepistimio Kyprou (Cut), Cyprus 13 Technicka Univerzita V Kosiciach (Tuke), Slovakia 14 Przemyslowy Instytut Automatyki I Pomiarow Piap (Piap), Poland 15 University Of York (Uy), United Kingdom 16 Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno (Tno), Netherlands 17 Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft -Und Raumfahrt Ev (Dlr), Germany 18 Forum Atomique Europeen (Foratom), Belgium 19 European Federation Of Non Destructive Testing (Efndt), Belgium 20 Forum Des Laboratoires Nationaux Europeens De Recherche Routiere (Fehrl), Belgium 21 European Water Supply And Sanitation Technology Platform (Wsstp), Belgium 22 Fundacion Andaluza Para El Desarrollo Aeroespacial (Fada-Catec), Spain 23 System@Tic Paris Region (Systematic), France

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Dr.-Ing. Daniel Kühn


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